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Discover the art of brow enhancement at Envious Lashes through our expert microblading and nano blading services. Experience a tailored transformation for your eyebrows with meticulous customization. Microblading delivers natural, hair-like strokes, while nanoblading elevates it with ultra-fine, incredibly realistic details. Our techniques provide a semi-permanent solution, guaranteeing defined, enduring brows that effortlessly enhance your unique features. Say goodbye to daily maintenance and welcome flawless, envy-worthy eyebrows that elegantly frame your face with individuality.



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Frame your Face

Microblading/Shading Services


Discover the artistry of our Microblading service at Envious Lashes. Our skilled technicians use a meticulous and manual method, resulting in precisely defined and crisp hair strokes that enhance your eyebrows' natural beauty. At Envious Lashes, your satisfaction is our priority. We conduct a thorough consultation considering your skin type, as Microblading may not be suitable for all. Our experts assess eligibility, discuss your preferences, and carefully consider your facial features to ensure a personalized approach that harmonizes seamlessly with your overall aesthetics. While Microblading offers immediate results, it's important to note that strokes may fade sooner than machine hair strokes. Trust us for a blend of meticulous craftsmanship and personalized care

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Perfect your eyebrows with our Nanoblading service at Envious Lashes, the epitome of eyebrow artistry. Our skilled technicians use cutting-edge PMU devices and a single needle to create hyper-realistic hair strokes, delivering unparalleled natural aesthetics that redefine your beauty. The heart of Nanoblading is technological precision, harnessed through PMU devices, ensuring intricate and lifelike hair patterns that elevate your eyebrows to a new dimension of realism. Customize your look effortlessly with Nanoblading. Our experts offer a spectrum of pigment colors, allowing you to achieve a fully customized and natural appearance that complements your unique style. Nanoblading is universally compatible with all skin types, ensuring versatility and safety. Crafted to provide impeccable results for dry, oily, or sensitive skin, it's an excellent choice for lasting perfection, especially for individuals with oily skin

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Ombre Soft Powder

Enhance your eyebrows with our Ombre Soft Powder service at Envious Lashes. Whether done by hand or with advanced PMU devices, this technique adds a subtle yet glamorous makeup touch. Our service creates a Makeup-Inspired Look, giving your eyebrows a softer, powdered effect like expert makeup application. It brings out refined elegance, enhancing your natural beauty with a touch of subtle glamour. Enjoy easy application on all skin types. Ombre Soft Powder adapts seamlessly to sensitive, oily, or normal skin, providing a consistent and lasting enhancement. Experience the captivating allure of a makeup-inspired finish that complements your unique style at Envious Lashes.

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Step into elegance with our Combination Service at Envious Lashes. Our skilled team blends precise hair strokes with shading to achieve enhanced density and fluffiness, catering to diverse preferences and all skin types. Our unique Hybrid Technique brings out the natural beauty of your eyebrows effortlessly. The combination of meticulous hair strokes and expert shading creates a look that is both defined and soft. Our expertise in precision and gentleness for eyebrows will complement your individual style. At Envious Lashes, we prioritize your satisfaction and offer a personalized consultation to understand your preferences and assess your skin type.

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